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Water is the building-block of life. But the quality of your home’s drinking water may not be what you think. While tap water is treated, there are many possible contaminants that might wind up in your drinking water. At Healthy Habitat, serving San Clemente and surrounding Orange County communities, our home water testing services can give you peace of mind. Waste-water treatment, local-land use, and natural occurring minerals can all introduce dangerous chemicals into your water system. Unclean water has been found to cause cancer, disease, and harm infant development. Many of these toxins are colorless or tasteless, meaning a water testing service is the only way to detect them. Water companies do testing at their facility, but a lot can happen between there and your tap. Water quality can vary from location to location in the Orange County area, or even faucet to faucet. Additionally, many homes draw their water from private wells, which are not regulated by the EPA. These wells should be tested regularly to ensure you aren’t harming your health. Don’t just hope that your water is safe, get a San Clemente or Orange County home water testing from Healthy Habitat. Peace of mind can only come when you know for sure.

Our tests will identify the presence of any bacteria, pesticides, and dangerous chemicals in your water supply and analyze their potential impact on your health. We can tell you exactly what is coming out of your tap and help you find a solution, including filtration systems, water softeners, or disinfection. Contact Healthy Habitat in San Clemente and the Orange County to get a full home water testing service today and find out what’s in your water.

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