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The world is becoming more and more wireless, but even a wireless device has attachments – they’re just not visible to the naked eye. EMF (electromagnetic radiation fields) exposure is at undeniably historic highs, but RF (radio frequency radiation) have seen even more growth in the last 10 years. These Group 2B possible carcinogens (as listed by the World Health Organization) are emitted from everyday devices that are in most homes today. Wireless routers, cell phones, 5g, smart meters, cell towers and community wifi are but just a few of the many culprits plaguing San Diego and the surrounding areas.

migraines, insomnia, concentration issues, fatigue, depression, memory problems, nose bleeds and many other health concerns could indicate a sensitivity to RFs & EMFs

Through EMF assessment and detection, we provide a comprehensive picture of your San Diego home’s environmental health. We stay up to date on studies surrounding the negative health impacts of not only RFs and EMFs, but also Dirty Electricity.

In a constantly evolving field without regulation, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.


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