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Though not visible to the naked eye, the effects of EMFs can undoubtedly effect us. Maybe you’re building or buying a new home in Los Angeles and want to start off fresh, maybe you’re currently in your living room wondering why your quality of life just isn’t what it should be. Whatever your situation is, Healthy Habitat can help you determine the health of your home – backed by the scientific method.

Using the latest technology, we are able to test for and locate levels of EMF/RF exposure as well as give cost effective solutions to reduce exposure. Labeled as Group 2B possible carcinogens by the World Health Organization, the sources of these dangerous fields are not only surrounding your living space, but are also inside. Cell phones, wireless routers, 5g, cell towers, smart meters and community wifi all contribute to the growing danger of EMF and RF radiation exposure.


sensitivity to RF and EMF radiation can result in concentration issues, memory problems, fatigue, depression, migraines and insomnia, to name a few


After the initial assessment of your home, you will be provided with a comprehensive analysis of your Los Angeles home. We’ll set you up with recommendations on how to improve the health of your living environment, as well as lead you in the right direction for maintaining the health of your home. In this newly evolving field, we continue our education to ensure we provide you with relevant, up to date information.




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The team at Healthy Habitat is here to help you and your family thrive in your living environment. To learn more about our wellness services and how to make your home or office a sanctuary for well-being, please reach out to us today.



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