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Purchasing a new home is a major financial investment and you want to make sure that you do all your necessary due diligence to protect your health. That is why our San Clemente and Orange County electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure testing prior to your purchase is becoming more popular.

Now that we are bombarded with cell phone towers, power lines and wireless technology every minute of the day it becomes even more imperative that we make sure our homes are protected from excessive EMF exposure. We must take protective measures when purchasing new homes to help ensure the health of our families and ourselves. As an experienced San Clemente and Orange County professional in EMF testing and protection, utilizing specialized and calibrated equipment we can find exposures in key areas, help you understand them, and address the issue.

This includes an inspection of the outside of the home, to help you understand major EMF concerns that may or may not be able to changed, such as the proximity of power lines giving off magnetic radiation. Once you purchase, we can do a discounted rate for further analysis of the inside. For full EMF exposure testing and protection in your San Clemente or Orange County home, check out our EMFs page.

If your want the ultimate testing to help create the healthiest environment you can check out our Healthy Home Assessment.

  • Cost of EMF Assessment (Outside Only) $295.00

This includes a report within 3 business days detailing the EMF exposure, areas of concern, and suggestions on how to address these areas. A 30-minute follow-up phone call will be scheduled after receiving the report to ensure that you understand everything and have no additional questions.

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