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Many people in San Clemente and Orange County are worried about electromagnetic radiation fields (EMFs) as they should be, but it is actually radio frequency radiation (RFs) that have increased at an unprecedented rate over the last 10 years. RFs emanate from wireless sources like wireless routers, smart meters, cell phones, (5G) cell towers and exposure to community Wi-Fi. One can imagine all the exposure to radiation they might receive in just one day from these sources.

In fact, in 2011 radio frequency radiation or RFs were classified as a Group 2B possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then exposures to RFs have continued to grow at an extraordinary rate with almost everything now wireless. At the same time there are more and more studies coming out demonstrating the negative health impacts of not only RFs, but also EMFs and Dirty Electricity.

Is there anything we can do? The answer is yes! We can control the San Clemente and Orange County EMFs, RFs and Dirty Electricity exposure in our homes and most importantly in our bedrooms. The condition of our bedrooms is vitally important to our sleep quality affecting how our body rests, repairs and heals itself.


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people sensitive to RFs & EMFs can suffer from difficulty sleeping, migraines, issues with concentration, fatigue, depression, memory problems, nose bleeds and many other health conditions

how can healthy habitat help?

Measure and Identify sources of:

Electric Radiation
Magnetic Radiation
Radio Frequency Radiation
Dirty Electricity

Remediation Strategies

Recommended Shielding Strategies

san clemente & orange county EMF assessment costs


  •  EMF assessment:

This includes: Measuring the inside and outside of your home or office for EMF, RF and Dirty Electricity exposure levels using professional meters to ensure accurate readings. During the inspection we will explain and answer questions about Electric and Magnetic fields, RFs and Dirty Electricity along the way; as well as their sources and how and if they can be reduced, eliminated, or shielded.


  • Detailed report of EMF assessment:

We will provide you with a report detailing the levels of exposure to your site and the suggested levels based on Building Biology standards. Additionally, we will provide suggestions to mitigate the levels, if necessary and a detailed overview of the consultation.

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