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In San Clemente and surrounding Orange County communities, regular mold inspection, indoor air quality testing, and EMF surveys are vital for protecting your family. People often don’t realize the negative effects that a poor home, work, or school environment can have on health. From poor indoor air and water quality, electromagnetic fields (EMF), or the presence of mold, these factors can breed illness and disease. At Healthy Habitat, we believe in creating living spaces for our clients that foster wellness, allowing them to breathe easier and get restful sleep. Healthy Habitat is passionate about improving health for our clients by offering San Clemente and Orange County mold inspection or EMF testing services that examine the factors that lead to symptoms like migraines, poor respiratory function, insomnia, depression, concentration and memory problems, and more. If you’re a San Clemente, Orange County home owner, protect your health with a full mold inspection, indoor air quality test, and an EMF survey today.

Our wellness services address concerns related to sick building syndrome, EMF assessments, indoor air quality tests, tests for mycotoxin and mold inspection, water quality tests, and home purchase evaluations. We aim to help clients in San Clemente, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas achieve optimal health by providing living spaces that are free from air and water pollutants, EMF, and mold.  We analyze homes before purchase, to ensure that they are a hospitable environment for beginning a new chapter in life.

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The team at Healthy Habitat is here to help you and your family thrive in your living environment. To learn more about our wellness services and how to make your home or office a sanctuary for well-being, please reach out to us today.



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